Parkville Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Consultants have moved to new premises at Suite 123, 55 Flemington Rd. The practice is now named “
Melbourne Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Consultants”. This move will enable expansion of clinical services offered with recruitment of nurses and dieticians to the practice as well as recruiting further specialist associates to provide excellent specialist care to people with Allergic diseases and Asthma – and reduce the wait for appointments.

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Your First Appointment

Parkville Allergy Asthma & Immunology Consultants

Melbourne Allergy Clinic

What to bring
  • Medicare card
  • A referral from your General Practitioner or another doctor
  • Details (if you have them) of any past investigations or allergy tests
  • Any X-rays of the chest or sinuses.
  • Details of any allergic reaction: It really helps if you can write down the details or bring with you the labels or exact details of any specific foods.
  • A list of all medications, natural remedies, vitamin pills and supplements you have been taking

Please remember...

1. Stop antihistamines

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For first appointments stop all antihistamine medications for at least 48 hours before the appointment if allergy skin testing is likely to be necessary. Antihistamines interfere with allergy skin testing.

If you find your symptoms get dramatically worse on stopping antihistamine tablets, then go back onto them and we can use blood tests rather than skin tests to investigate for any allergies.
2. Other medications
Some other medications can interfere with allergy prick tests, especially some sorts of antidepressants. Since it's not generally a good idea to stop these, blood tests will likely be used to further investigate allergies in this instance.

3. Do not stop corticosteroid medication or any asthma or blood pressure medications as these do not interfere with allergy skin testing.

What to expect

1. A General medical history and examination

2. Allergy skin tests
If relevant we may undertake allergy skin tests. See the Allergy Skin Testing information sheet.

3. Lung function tests
We can also undertake spirometry (lung function tests, breathing tests). These tests are an accurate measure of your lung capacity and allow us to diagnose and follow asthma and other lung diseases, and measure its severity accurately. Sometimes more detailed lung function tests are required and these can be performed in the Lung Function Laboratory of the Royal Melbourne Hospital next door.

4. Blood tests
Blood tests can be used to test for allergies and immune function. Blood tests can be done in the laboratories in the Melbourne Private Hospital or at a laboratory near your home.

5. X-Rays or CT scans
These can also be undertaken at the Melbourne Private Hospital and are used to investigate any specific abnormalities.

How long does it take?

A routine appointment is 30 to 45 minutes.

Allergy skin tests take about 20 minutes and lung function testing about 20 minutes.
Level 1, Suite 123
Chelsea House
55 Flemington Road
North Melbourne VIC 3051
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  • Melbourne Allergy Testing

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  • Allergy Specialist Melbourne

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  • Melbourne Allergy Testing

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